Behind the S. Watts Group Mindset when Completing Complex Projects

At S. Watts Group, all projects begin with two things: the plan and the people. Construction requires a fluid and agile approach. This is engrained in the mindset of our people and what makes us successful in fulfilling our client needs and completing projects. Our team shows this characteristic best when tackling unique project types.

“I like building. I enjoy the challenge. Especially when a project is well organized, with a good team and great plans. It’s enjoyable.”

Strategic Planning

Working on a specific type of project for the first time is not intimidating. Our team feels timeliness. Our project managers begin to visualize the process behind the build before there are even walls up in some cases. Whether a large or small-scale project, it can be just as complex.

It’s one of the reasons our team looks at projects backward. We meet complexity with experience. Knowing where to go, what direction to give, and most importantly, where to find the answers to problems that can arise.

This experience and confidence in our team are what make one specific project stand out: renovating an office space into a state-of-the-art technology production and testing lab.

Clear Communication

This project was quite complex. First, the building services were upgraded. It was a heavy mechanical and electrical project. Floor plans for the space were very specific due to the equipment used in the lab workspaces. And with any remodel, things can just pop up.

For example, there was a simultaneous remodel happening on the floor above us. It turns out the pipe and electrical routing on the floor our team was working on, impacting the layout planned for the floor above. Unexpected and significant design changes had to be worked out.

Design changes sometimes require going back to the city and making permit changes that take weeks to review. Architects and the building owners are called back into the planning process.

Changes to the floor plan were complex. The project already required layouts to be executed precisely for placement of special lab equipment and access to compressed air, electrical outputs in specific locations. Because of this, there is no room for error.

Mistakes cost time and money. We take extra steps to ensure our team doesn’t make mistakes.

“We don’t experiment with our clients, projects, or team. We just execute.”

Full Collaboration

Our team held numerous coordination meetings throughout the completion of the project with all members of the project: the client, designers, subcontractors, and our team. We must constantly be looking at the project through different lenses. Giving context to things others can’t see, explaining the real-life applications of those specs, and asking questions others might miss. Nothing is an afterthought for team members.

This was demonstrated during the build-out of each workstation in the lab. Our team worked closely with the mechanical team on the design of the cooling system in the building. We had to create it and develop a plan to fabricate and install it.

By the final days of the project, it had grown in scale and complexity, but it was a project that S. Watts’ team was a crucial player in from start to finish and most of the decisions in between.

After that project wrapped up, S. Watts Group received an opportunity to do more work for the client. Our team is proud of that relationship and our reputation as a reliable contractor.

This project and the team behind it is just one testament to our values. Our word is our bond. This team approaches each job with clear communication, strategic planning, and full collaboration. We get the job done and are proud of our work and the clients we serve.  Learn more about the other projects we are proud of.



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