Designing the Future Office Space for Post-COVID Work

Any business owner can agree COVID-19 has been devastating. Between significant revenue losses to the uncertainty of what the future holds in our new normal, one thing is unquestionable – COVID-19 has accelerated the already undergoing transformation of office spaces. One of the most frequent questions asked is – what will future office space look like in a post-COVID environment?

Expediting Workspace Evolution

When you think of the typical office space, most imagine a mixture of private offices and cubicles, a few meeting rooms of various sizes, possibly a kitchen or dining area, and shared amenities. However, that’s not where many employees are currently working from during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the transition to employees’ remote working was daunting for the companies that previously never had employees work remotely, many say it’s working.

As more businesses begin to explore hybrid workspace options, companies might not be needing as much office space as previously thought. Current office space may also serve a different purpose. Redesigns for tenet interiors have embraced this shift in workplace culture.

“When our team takes on a new tenet interior project, we quickly get the sense that safety, comfort, and innovation are at the top of the minds of building owners and designers. This includes more open spaces, collaborative rooms, and increased electrical infrastructure. Several office spaces S. Watts Group completed reflect this idea people have when thinking of how the modern workplace looks.”  -David Dittrich 

Collaborative Workspace

One trend emerging for COVID-19 is the need for more collaborative workspaces. Future office space will be used more for group communication than individual productivity as workers continue to use remote workspaces. This means office remodels are shifting from cubicles to more work desks and conference areas.

A trend growing from this is public offices and co-working spaces. Shared workspaces have grown in popularity for freelancers and startups. Shared office space gives people the chance to meet and work alongside strangers. The setup also gives remote workers an area outside their homes to be productive.

Outdoor Areas

Another future office space design trend that is here to stay is outdoor spaces and natural air. Outdoor spaces at work were already on the rise, so it’s no surprise this trend will be sticking around. According to, studies show that including plants and natural elements for employees increases productivity, lowers stress levels, stimulates creativity and overall staff well-being. Whether it’s open windows or outdoor terraces, outdoor spaces create an environment caring about employees’ mental and physical health.

As outdoor spaces have gone from an amenity to “must-have”, companies will also continue to take advantage of adding more connectivity and that home-feel to the office. To achieve this, office designs will increasingly start to include internal staircases. This gives the benefit of allowing more natural light into the workspace, creating a sense of community, and encouraging collaborations. The days of low ceilings and cave-like feels are quickly becoming relics of the past.

Contactless Amenities

Lastly, the COVID-19 pandemic skyrocketed the installation of contactless amenity installation. Automatic doorways, keycard entry, soap dispensers, etc., will be integrated into future office space designs. This includes having the infrastructure to collaborate with technology rather than shared creative tools such as whiteboards.

Watts Approach to Tenet Interiors

Hybrid workspaces are growing in popularity. Several of our tenet interior projects have incorporated these trends prevailing from COVID-19.

Project highlights include:

Corporate office remodeling or renovation requires a fluid and agile approach to create the best possible design for an employees’ physical and mental well-being. S. Watts Group has a range of experience from international multi-level projects to complex boutique spaces. See more tenet interior projects from S. Watts Group.




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