S. Watts Group Completes Renovation of Ascension Georgetown Express Care

Ascension Express Care opens its doors at a new location in Georgetown, TX after completing an interior renovation. Our team at S. Watts Group took the location at 1015 W University Ave #700 and transformed it from a restaurant into a modern medical office. 

To implement the new floor plan of Ascension Georgetown Express Care, crews began demolishing the current interior walls, insulation, and plumbing, then installing new walls from scratch. The x-ray room is located in the center of the suite. From there, exam rooms, and bathrooms fill the rest of the area. This redesign of the space meant reinstalling the plumbing and electrical infrastructure in these new areas. The electrical in the building was also upgraded to meet the technical capacity of the imaging and examination equipment. 

One of the challenges of renovating a former restaurant into a medical office occurred when rerouting the plumbing of the suite. S. Watts Group had to cut into several layers of concrete to find the main sewer lines at the building location to install new access points. Once the sewer line was located, our crews could then begin the logistical planning of implementing the new plumbing plan.

The Ascension Georgetown Express Care features a new waiting room, x-ray room, two procedure rooms, five bathrooms, and 18 exam rooms in the 7,500 sq. ft interior renovation project.

This is one of several projects S. Watts Group has completed with Ascension Medical Group. Our team loves working in healthcare-specific because these projects are technically challenging but very rewarding in nature as build essentials for our communities. 

“In working with Ascension Medical Group, we have built a very trustworthy relationship in completing the construction of high-quality healthcare facilities. In addition, each project is unique. We look forward to continuing our relationship as we built our communities together.”

Inside Ascension Express Care - Georgetown

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