Remodeling Site Pro Rentals in San Antonio, TX

S. Watts Group is proud to announce our latest project, a remodel for Site Pro Rentals in San Antonio, Texas. This marks our expansion into the Alamo City, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to offer our services to the community. Our experienced team is hard at work conducting a full interior remodel and adding some exterior furnishings to the 16,040 SF property.

Site Pro Rentals Features:

  • New building façade with structural steel
  • Updated interior furnishings

At Site Pro Rentals, we aim to create a space that is both functional and inviting to visitors, and we’re excited to see the results of our dedication and hard work. We invite you to follow our progress and witness the transformation of Site Pro Rentals into a beautiful, fully renovated space.

Completed Project Photos

Construction Process

March 2024 Update

We are thrilled to share an exciting update on the transformation of Site Pro Rentals in San Antonio, Texas. Our accomplished team has successfully completed the framing, installation, and painting of the new, updated interior layout. This milestone includes the construction of office spaces, bathrooms, employee break rooms, and the welcoming visitor lobby. These spaces are now ready, awaiting the final touches that will bring the entire vision to life.

Additionally, our focus includes the exterior of the property, where the team is painting the redesigned outside entry. The vibrant red color, as previewed on the left-facing wall, promises to make a striking first impression on all visitors and passersby.

Looking ahead, our next steps are meticulously planned to ensure that every detail contributes to a functional and inviting space. These include:

  • Finalizing the updated electrical system of the building to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Installing new ceiling tiles paneling that will enhance the aesthetic and acoustic qualities of the interior.
  • Adding finishing interior touches such as trim, outlet covers, cabinets, and backsplash tiles to create a polished and welcoming environment.
  • Installing signage that reflects the brand’s identity and guides visitors smoothly through the space.

July 2023 Construction Update

Demolition of the original interior of Site Pro Rentals in underway! Our team is clearing out the original furnishings, walls and installations. Next steps include framing the new building façade with structural steel, and the new interior layout.

More San Antonio Projects in Progress

While Site Pro Rentals is our inaugural project in San Antonio, that’s not all we have in store! Our expertise in general contracting services stretches the entire I-35 corridor, and we are excited to bring our quality craftsmanship to this new community. 

We’ve got big plans as we expand into San Antonio and we want you to be a part of it. Stay in the loop and get all the latest updates by connecting with us on social media. Let’s build something amazing together!

About S. Watts Group

Our team at S. Watts Group provides all of our general contractor services from Waco to San Antonio, serving rapid growth along the Texas Innovation Corridor. While these services involve building high-quality locations for your business, our teams’ skills go beyond general commercial construction. We provide strategic solutions and results on all projects, regardless of complexity or size. We keep your goals at the front of our minds while working on all projects. 

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