Spare Birdie Public House Opens

Take a first look inside the newly opened Spare Birdie Public House in Ceader Park, TX. This upscale entertainment destination spans 23,000 SF. Spare Birdie will truly be a one-of-a-kind “socialtainment destination” that draws in visitors from all over.

Previous Project Updates​:

november 2022 Project Update:

Check the significant progress underway at Spare Birdie Public House in Cedar Park! Just a few months ago, this building was nothing but a steel shell.

As of November, you can see the final touches are being added to the exterior of the building. Landscaping crews are currently adding in the plants that frame the building. A beautiful mural highlights the side of the entrance.

Heading inside, bowling lanes are ready to go, and the final program set-up is being completed on the virtual golf bays. Crews also completed the kitchen this month. The next steps include finalizing the indoor putting green and finishing the build-out of the main bar area. 

Spare Birdie Construction Progress

June 2022 Project Update:

As of June, you can see the nearly-completed masonry work on the exterior of the building. The outdoor stage is also complete, along with the installation of outdoor heaters along the dining areas.

The next steps for our team at S. Watts Group include installing the HVAC system and building the foundation for bowling alleys and virtual golf games. Crew members are nearly done with the restaurant’s kitchen and main bar area.

April 2022 Update:

Right now, it’s full steam ahead as our team works to complete the construction of Spare Birdie Public House in Cedar Park, TX. Our team works to lay the foundation, steel reinforcements for the building, and complete the exterior. The project broke ground in late 2019, but after several delays during the COVID-19 pandemic is back on track!

More Spare Birdie Progress

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