State of Healthcare Construction Growth In Austin

Healthcare is one of the prominent industries that is thriving in Austin. This is thanks to the revolution in capital growth that has Central Texas named the new Silicon Valley. In addition to its affordability, talent, and lifestyle, Central Texas remains one of the fastest-growing metro areas in America.

History of Austin Industry Growth

Decades ago, Austin’s economy was driven by two primary factors – state government and the University of Texas. But as the city began to diversify, we began attracting high-tech employers like Google, IBM, Texas Instruments, Amazon, AMD, and Tesla. In addition, establishments like Dell Medical School and Dell Seton Medical Center expanded education to future medical students.

The technology scene often seeps into healthcare by proximity. Coupling the rapid growth of these industries with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, one can’t deny the growth trajectory Austin is currently witnessing in health-tech.

Most recently, St. David’s HealthCare announced plans to invest nearly $1 billion in medical facilities and healthcare projects in Central Texas. These plans include the construction of two new hospitals, one behavioral health hospital, and expanding capacity and services at current facilities to meet our area’s rapid growth.

Growth of Healthcare Construction

The migration of healthcare, technology, and health-tech companies to Central Texas leads to the furtherance of Austin healthcare real estate development. New facilities have sprung throughout the area, and several builds are repurposed to meet healthcare facility needs.

However, we constantly see healthcare design and construction evolve as technological developments, medical breakthroughs, and regulatory environments impact our nation’s medical providers. The industry as a whole is under intense pressure to perform to its highest ability and your building or space cannot be a limit to your progression. Every design and plan must be deliberate, as medical equipment is delicate.

As healthcare continues to thrive in Central Texas, so will the commercial construction of medical facilities. Contractors must be prepared to innovate as health-tech advances and the healthcare industry’s needs evolve.

S. Watts Healthcare Experience

The complexity of healthcare environments and facilities encompass a wide range of regulations and technical requirements. These are spaces that accommodate a person’s well-being as well as make a first impression as to the treatment you will receive.

With over two decades of healthcare construction experience, our team possesses a thorough understanding of the unique needs and applications of the intricate systems that are the lifeline of healthcare facilities.

S. Watts partnered with Ascension Healthcare on several construction projects around Central Texas.  The Ascension Kyle Imaging Center project spans over 7,000 SF and features patient rooms, CT Machine, Bone Densitometry Machine (DEXA), Ingenia Ambition MRI Machine, X-Ray, and a Mammogram Machine.

Our integrated approach to every healthcare project has the same fundamental principles – understanding the complex needs, team collaboration, and safety. We ensure the highest quality project for you, your staff, and your patients because our community is extremely important to us. This passion extends to the healthcare projects we work on.

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