Commercial Construction Trends in Central Texas

Phyllis Browning

Since 2010, Austin has continued to see new growth in its population. With our community’s laid-back and welcoming culture, it’s no surprise that more people have started to call this city their home. Austin has the reputation of being the next Silicon Valley, but several different industries are also blooming here. As a result, some significant commercial construction trends are impacting real estate.

Top Commercial Construction Trends in Austin

Hybrid Office Buildings

The change to remote-focused work has impacted people’s lifestyles as they find themselves splitting time at home between work and life. This is forcing the role of office buildings to change.

Modern office spaces must build community, culture, and purpose while strengthening relationships for them to appeal to the younger crowds flocking to the Austin area. People want to work in dynamic and mixed environments, aka multi-use developments, and not standalone offices. 

Sustainable business growth begins with ground floors acting as retail space, services, and gathering areas for the public. Office space renovations are also moving away from the individual office space or cubicle structure. The modern office building offers employees more communal, shared workspaces and lounge areas. 

These changes in the commercial building trends support employees in blending and balancing life and work and can help incentivize people to travel to an office again.

S. Watts Group Office Interior Projects


Our team renovated an existing 24,290 SF office space for MediaTek. The updated spaces features both individual office spaces and shared workspaces, conference rooms, and break rooms.

Phyllis Browning

This second-generation office space is home to one of Austin’s luxury realtors. This 3,272 SF space features several communal workspaces featuring shared offices, conference rooms, and coworking tables.

Phyllis Browning

Outdoor Connection

Austin is beautiful! Nature is integrated into the lifestyle of the city. This includes trails, parks, rooftop decks, and patios on many buildings. There is a tremendous demand for spaces outdoors as companies renovate or build ground-up in Central Texas. 

Many companies look to add outdoor space to support employee well-being. Specific outdoor areas give employees:

  • Easier and safer outdoor access
  • Space for social experiences
  • Natural stress relief

The latest commercial building trends include patios and decks mixed with vegetation and new microclimates.

S. Watts Group Green/LEED Projects

Preserve at 620

Preserve at 620 features unique outdoor amenities. There are covered courtyards at both ends of the building. The fitness facility includes garage-style doors that open onto a turf. Preserve at 620 also features a basketball court, a small park, and an enclosed door run near the back of the building.

Core Spaces

This open corporate office remodel incorporated elements of biophilic design to connect the natural world to the modern built environment of the space. Enjoy greenery throughout the space and individual offices.

Neighborhood Scale

The environment has a significant amount of influence on how people move about their lives. When a neighborhood is built correctly, it can connect people to their space. Austin has a renewed focus on neighborhoods scaled to address opportunities, access, and walkability concerns. 

As the city is looking at helping businesses grow, it is creating neighborhoods that meet commercial and residential needs and are within a 20 min walk from each other. 

One of the positives of being located along the Texas Innovation Corridor, which runs along Interstate 35, residents have access to over 240 supply chain-related businesses, providing jobs to more than 12,000 local workers.

Additionally, this adds value to any business looking to build or renovate a space within the Texas Innovation Corridor. Any growth business plan in Austin should focus on location, as that can make or break the business.

S. Watts Group Ground-Up Projects

Opportunity Plaza

In-Progress Project

Opportunity Plaza is a master-planned commercial campus in San Marcos, TX. Ground-up construction of the first building includes a three-story structure featuring stone siding, ceiling-to-floor window details, and a mezzanine entry.

These commercial construction trends in Austin impact real estate and encourage business growth. Consider these trends when determining how to build your business in Central Texas. 

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