Different Methods of Ground-Up Construction

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Construction is an ever-changing industry that has seen huge growth in the last few years. There are now more methods of ground up construction being utilized in Central Texas. Picking the right method can make a huge difference in the overall scope of a project and  help to ensure the results you are looking for. Knowing what types of ground up construction there are is imperative to finding the method that is going to work best for you.

Our Methods of Ground-Up Construction

A wide range of ground-up construction methods can be applied to commercial framing. Our team at S. Watts group utilizes tilt-up construction, precast concrete, wood frames, and steel frame construction.


Tilt-up construction is a method in which concrete panels are tilted up into place and then secured there to build the exterior wall. This is best for larger buildings that be very strong and sturdy. There are also insulated concrete forms that can be used to create the walls of a building, ideal for places that need to stay warm or at a regulated temperature.

S. Watts Group Tilt-Up Projects

The project included two buildings, a 7,500 SF PEMB workshop with offices and restrooms, and a 9,700 SF main office space.

A former Walmart renovation into a Class A office building including an exterior courtyard, outdoor pocket park, and community gym.


Precast concrete, insulated concrete forms, and concrete masonry units are commonly used when constructing low-rise buildings. This method of ground-up construction is strong and energy efficient.

S. Watts Group Concrete Project


Warehouse expansion and finish out including heavy equipment mobilization and custom millwork.

Steel Frame

In Central Texas, many building designs also utilize steel frames because of their flexibilty and ease of construction. In recent years, our team has completed several projects with steel frame design plans.

S. Watts Group Steel Frame Projects

A two-building ground up steel structure with stucco, brick and storefront glass exterior.

 This project is an upscale entertainment destination spanning 23,000 SF featuring a full-service restaurant and bar, virtual golf bays, bowling lanes, and more.

Wood Frame

Lastly, wood frames remain one of the most widely used methods of ground-up construction. Depending on the type of soil present and estimated frame loads, wood frames can be a suitable foundation for your construction project.

S. Watts Group Wood Frame Project

Historic renovation of a 130-year-old Texas building included reinforcing mezzanine-level wood framing.

Which Method is Best for You?

There is no way black and white answer when it comes to choosing the right ground up construction method for your project. It is always best to look at the benefits of each and determine which is going to suit the job at hand. It is important to make sure that you do take the time to look at what sort of building you are going to be setting up, what purpose it serves, and other additional factors that could sway your decision.

Build with S. Watts Group

At S. Watts Group, our services go beyond just general commercial construction. We provide strategic solutions and results on all projects, regardless of complexity or size. We keep your goals at the front of our minds while working on a variety of ground-up developments; industrial real estate, interior remodels, retail and restaurant spaces, and healthcare environments.

We are here to simplify the whole process from start to finish so that our clients can be confident that they are building the best home for their business. We pride ourselves on being a local, Central Texas company and will maximize all of our local connections to help our clients create the perfect building to meet their needs.

Ready to get to work on your project? Connect with us today to begin scoping your project needs. Let us be your general commercial contractor.



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